Silvestica 2 Green Forest Finland Oy


Silvestica 2 Green Forest Finland Oy

Silvestica 2 Green Forest AB, Sweden 100 %

Board of directors
Håkan Nystrand (chairman)
Timo Talvitie
Roland Persson

Operative management
CRK Forest Management AB (CRK) manages and administers Silvestica 2 Green Forest Finland Oy.
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Acquisition of forest properties in Finland

Otto Heiskanen – Chief Operating Officer

Phone: +358 505 539107


Tomas Landers – Key Account Manager

Phone: +358 503 500760


Forest management and Environmental certification
The forests are FSC® and PEFC certified which means that forestry management is carried out with due respect for the environment and in accordance with the certification systems’ criteria.
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1. Properties in Kainuu and Ostrobothnia acquired by private forest owners and municipalities.
Manager responsible at Skogssällskapet is Heli Hongisto.

Heli Hongisto: Phone: +358 447 033164

2. Häggblom & Partner/Conifer Consulting Oy is responsible for operational forestry measures on properties in central Finland, Savolax and Lapland.
Managers responsible at Conifer Consulting,

Forest manager
Heikki Virtanen: Phone: +358 451 179501

Silvestica 2s forest estates managed by Tilanhoitajat and Conifer Consulting are a FSC®- certified within;

Carelia Forest Group Certification
FSC® certification license
FSC® Certificate code: BV-FM/COC-155171
BV Certificate No./Version: FI006043/ V1
PEFC certification licence
PEFC certification licence is subject to: PEFC FI 1001:2014 och PEFC FI 1002:2014