Silvestica 2 Green Forest Lithuania UAB


Silvestica 2 Green Forest Lithuania UAB

Silvestica 2 Green Forest AB, Sweden 100 %

Board of directors
Dovilè Aukstuolyte (chairman)
Algirdas Miskinis
Roland Persson

Head of Management
Niklas Ringborg

Operative management
CRK Forest Management AB (CRK) manages and administers Silvestica 2 Green Forest Lithuania UAB.
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Acquisition of forest properties in Lithuania

Rokas Šatinskas
Miškų pirkimų vadybininkas (Forest acquisition)
+370 62 806 950

Mattias Carlsson
Regiono vadybininkas (Country manager)
+46 733 500 969

Forest management and Environmental certification
The forests are FSC®-certified, which means that forestry management will be carried out with due respect for the environment and in accordance with the certification systems’ criteria.
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Persons responsible for forest management issues:

Viktorija Tiuleneva
Phone +370 68 533 925

Giedrius Grigas
Phone +370 68 617 921